2014 Spring/Summer

For 2014 Spring/Summer collection, MUNSOO KWON has been inspired by the theme of Soccer, one of the most prolific sports globally. In his 4th collection, MUNSOO KWON expresses the aesthetics and emotions associated with the nature of this unique sport.

MUNSOO KWON finds a fascinating similarity between Soccer and life as players work together to reach a goal by playing both individually and as a team to reach a common objective. MUNSOO KWON presents the collection under the following slogan of "BE A GOAL GETTER!" to portray this concept.

His new collection starts with a black and white photograph of a soccer team in the 1920s -30s. The collection articulates MUNSOO KWON's typical talents for modern silhouettes with the unique details and balances with the every elements of Soccer.

The outfits of players, coaches and referees are transformed to pin striped blazers and shorts with an impeccable fit, patchwork shirts and casual seersucker or sweat suits. The spirit of cheering crowds and hooligans is also expressed throughout the entire collection in the forms of washed dropped crotch pants and asymmetric jacket in denim, or eco leather jackets and high glossy long blouson to accentuate the casual allure.

Black, navy, ivory, and white are used as base pallet of colors with vibrant and bold touches of red, green, yellow, and gold.